About PubLAB™ – Consumer Insights and Eye-Tracking Research Company

publab about usPubLAB™ sets out to explore the relationship between brands and consumers in both live and laboratory based settings.

PubLAB™ is about understanding how target shoppers behave and leveraging this intelligence via marketing actions that deliver benefits to all stakeholders – brands, retailers, media owners and shoppers.

The pub is a stimulus rich environment, providing many opportunities for brands to understand, engage with and shape the behaviour of consumers. The “brandscape” is very crowded with multiple demands on consumer attention. In addition, each consumer brings a repertoire of existing brand buying behaviours.

Before being able to change or influence buying behaviour it is necessary to understand normal behaviour and what influences that. From that insight it will be possible to identify key levers that can be used to alter and drive consumer behaviour.

“Tim Froggett and the PubLAB team delivered an excellent project on time and to budget. The clarity of analysis and presentation generated a number of actionable insights for our business”.

Tom Lenihan,
Shopper Marketing Controller at Marston’s

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PubLAB™ combines the resources and capabilities of researchers at Anglia Ruskin University with Pint Please Global – data driven drinker insights and global communication platform.