BetVictor Advertisement

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Digital Signage


How well does the creative execution communicate the key benefits and how well is this reflected in respondent’s related recall?


Respondents were shown the ad for 8 seconds after which they were given a filler task to mimic real world distraction. Afterwards, a direct free recall test was conducted.


The advertisement was split into 7 different areas, each with a unique message. Qualitative responses of participants were transcribed and recall vs non-recall of each area was noted. For example, if the participant stated “the background was a football pitch”, it was recorded that Sports theme area was recalled once.

Research Outcomes

From the results, the following Digital Signage Effectiveness Heatmap was created.

  • All respondents who recalled Result “Win” (33% of participants) also recalled Amount (500).
  • 20% of viewers noted both Brand (BetVictor) and Amount (500).
  • Only 1 person recalled Brand (BetVictor), Prize (Cash) and Call to Action (Company website).

    BetVictor study results
    The heatmap summarises what percentage of participants recalled an ad element

Research implications

Effectiveness of different elements of the creative execution can be tested in either laboratory or live setting. Testing and subsequent generation of the Digital Signage Effectiveness Heatmap allows brand owners to determine levels of consumer recall and engagement. Prior to finalizing the creative design, multiple options could be tested to determine optimum performance.